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After 6 days of testimony Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch was found not guilty of first degree murder.  Boosie was accused of paying $2800 to a hitman known as Marlo Mike to murder Terry Boyd.

Boyd 35, was found dead in has Baton Rouge, Louisiana home in October of 2009.The 16 years old hitman, initially stated that he was hired by Boosie, but admitted in open court earlier last week that he had been forced to lie by police.

Part of the prosecutions evidence included cell phone records, statements by the “16 year old hitman” and lyrics to Boosie’s song “Yo Marlo”. Some of the lyrics that the prosecution referenced are

“five dead in six months” and “Yo Marlo, he drive a Monte Carlo, dat’ bitch grey, I want him dead today, here go the cake”

The prosecutors called 30 witnesses while the defense called none. It took a jury just one hour to find the rapper not guilty.

I’m sure that the guilty verdict provides some solace for the rapper but he is still serving time for smuggling illegal drugs into two separate correctional institutions (2011) and was previously sentenced to 8 years in jail.