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Episode 6
Believing that the best solution for Krissy s problems is to surround her with family, Pat invites Krissy s godmother, CeCe Winans, over for dinner. The night quickly devolves after Krissy’s cousin Meeta calls her out for her bad behavior.

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Episode 5 Too Little Too Late

Nick and Krissy stay at home while Pat takes the rest of the family to LA for BET’s tribute.

Episode 4 Moving Pieces

Nick and Pat try to get Krissy from thinking about her mom by taking her to adopt a puppy and to buy some furniture. Also: Pat challenges Gary to a game of basketball to see who is in better shape.

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Nick crashes Krissy’s weekend with Pat, so Gary and Ray teach him a lesson about responsibility.


The day before Houston’s “On Our Own” premiered Cissy, Pat and Raynah were interviewed by Sherri Shepard and Barbara Walters. They discuss how Bobbi Kris is coping after her mom’s passing, her relation with Nick Gordon and if the family thinks that it was a good idea to have cameras following then. Click “Read More” or “Read the rest of this entry” to see the full interview.