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In a brief  interview with Hip Hollywood Laura discussed meeting with Jackie Christe’s daughter Chantel and if she thinks she and Jackie will ever be friends.



When the beef between Jackie Christie and her eldest daughter Takari Lee went viral.  Jackie stated that her daughter’s anger was due to the fact that she’s dark-skinned.

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During Season 1 of BBWLA; Jackie Christie and her co-stars spent  almost as much  time promoting the show as her oldest daughter Takari Lee did, trying to exploit her.  She promoted her tell-all book “My Mother’s Secret”  (that she never released), created her own website and a Twitter page.Takari’s intent was to reveal her mom as a fraud, to the world. (Girl THE WORLD don’t know yo mama!) lol

By the time BBWLA Season 1 Reunion  premiered, she’d removed her website and Twitter page; But some Ish cant be erased.

If what her daughter says is true; Then, Jackie is an old ass version of Draya!!

Takari made an appearance on BBWLA Season 2 Episode 9  earlier this week.     I guess she did that in the spirit of “If you can’t beat em join em”.

VH1 pays well for a good story line, so I look to see her again!

Below is ONE of Takari’s interviews.