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Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore take their feud out to the streets.

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Jackie Christie and Brooke meet to make amends over the fight that Jackie said “didn’t”  happen between the two of them. Brooke  had a question for Jackie in regard to a remark that she once made about her daughter having issues with being dark. Click below and watch the Sneak Peek for BBWLA  Episode 10.


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ok I admit that I estimated this union to end within 6-12 months. Probably before, but with 2 “fame whores” I expected them to keep any infidelity issues on the low ( to save face ).

No one has admitted that there’s talk of a divorce, annulment or separation so for me to insinuate that there will be, would be forecasting. LOL But we gone keep this sh?t 100.

Wasn’t Chad the same dude that wanted his bride to watch him walk down the aisle?
Asked her not to refer to their union as a marriage.
Didn’t see why his fiance would be upset about him treating an ex to lunch at his favorite restaurant around the corner from where he laid his head with Ev.

So with all things considered, I wasn’t shocked that she found proof of purchase for condoms, so she shouldn’t have been either! LOL at least he wrapped it up! SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE MARRIED…

While they may reconcile and charge the incident to the game, The Miami Dolphins (whom GOD allowed to bless him with a contract) and VH1 “aint having it”

Chad, whose NFL career seems to be nearly over was dropped from the team shortly after his arrest went public.


Bad Girls Club Mexico is on hiatus until August 20. BGC addicts have no reason to fret,keep reading if you want information (SPOILERS) on upcoming episodes. Like who will be sent home next, future fights and replacements. If you want the inside info before it airs, click below.