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Brooke receives good news, but that only results in bad news for her relationship with Draya. Elsewhere, Gloria stifles Bambi during a dispute, sparking a strong reaction.

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In a brief  interview with Hip Hollywood Laura discussed meeting with Jackie Christe’s daughter Chantel and if she thinks she and Jackie will ever be friends.


Laura meets with Jackie’s daughter, Chantel, to talk about Jackie being fake and the strained relationship she has with her daughters


The ladies gather for a pool party, but Draya’s short temper sets Jackie off over the issue of respect. Also, Malaysia flubs a voiceover session and decides that overcoming her shyness is a top priority.


Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes of Basketball Wives Miami and LA reportedly eloped this past weekend.How many seasons do you think their marriage will last before they are both free agents again? LOL
Matt was rumored to be coupled up with Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives at one point and rapper “The Game” wasn’t shy when it came to admitting that he’d tapped Gloria. :ets see if these 2 can out last Eve and OUCH-o.