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Its to my understanding that Tameka pitched an idea for a reality show to the OWN Network and was turned down. This was before the custody trail, Oprah interview with Usher, ETC. I was also advised that she asked for the chance to defend herself after the Oprah interview and was again , turned down. I remember Usher’s mom refusing to attend his wedding but Oprah was happy to attend.

Click below for more and videos from Tameka’s interview with ET.

Oprah and Usher discuss his marriage, divorce and custody battle with his ex. Full interview below.


In a recent 8 segment interview with Real Talk With Kietta. Siovaughn Wade describes her rags to riches and married to single story. She fills in blanks that some of us were unaware of.

Dewayne moved in with her family after escaping an abusive home.

She’s received no support since they’ve been separated/divorced, not even after he was ordered to pay child support by the court.

The child abduction charges filed against her were dropped.

The non biased witnesses in court all stated that they deemed that the children should remain in their mother’s custody but the judge thought otherwise.

Click below to watch the interview and form your own opinion. I see both sides. I think the court’s decision was based on his financial status and ability to provide for the children while hers was based on the arrest and testimony of so-called friends who probably had their pockets laced prior to or after their testimony. Other things that she speaks on, I feel are coming from a scorned woman. Her Mom also partakes in the interview, her words seem believable.


Tami often talks about her dude that she has been with for over four years. She admits that she doesn’t  make it a point to put him on public display but, she doesn’t go out of her way to hide him either. Meet Tami’s Haitian beau when you click below.


If you watched this seasons BGC on Oxygen then, Dani and Gabi aka The Sponge Bob Twins (due to their flat asses and lack of curves)need no introduction. On the other hand, if you don’t know tea on this season BGC then you don’t know that they entered the house thinking that there’s power in numbers. They threw their weight around and threatened to beat down anyone who wasn’t down with them. Near the end, one of them caught a beat down and before it was all over it was the two of them that evaded the house, because they were afraid that everyone had turned on them and that the tables had turned. Through the entire season, they contacted their pimp dad for advice and he apparently thought that he raised bulls when they were merely two cowards.