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When Twitter Fails?

KMichelle went in on some dude that posted negative tweets about her while he sat in attendance at one of her concerts. She went in on him as only KMichelle (and a few other reality stars with loose screws that put business to the side and deal with personal issues, despite how it may effect their freedom or money) would do.


While reading the offending Tweets on her phone K told the crowd,
“Listen up. It’s a motha f–kin’ ratchet queen in here talking s–t to me on Twitter.”

Click below for video

I didn’t expect much from MiMi’s friend during this interview but who in the hell knew that she dated or in her words F-cked Memphitz?
Memphitz called it a relationship, I guess as another low blow towards KMichelle.




LHHATL – We have two more episodes left before season 1 ends. In Episode 9, entitled “Loyalty Card” Erica confronts Scrappy about Shay. Benzino and Karlie romantic date takes a left turn. Rasheeda questions K. Michelle about her domestic abuse story. Continue reading to take a glimpse at the upcoming episode.  (more…)

Kimberly Michelle Pratt attended FAMU as a Freshman during the 2003 school year. KMichelle was part of the homecoming court. In the interview below she disuses the music degree that she earned as well as the other activities that she participated in  while attending FAMU.