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Brooke receives good news, but that only results in bad news for her relationship with Draya. Elsewhere, Gloria stifles Bambi during a dispute, sparking a strong reaction.

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Brooke, Gloria, and Draya decide to get body piercings together and while at the salon Gloria’s fiance, Matt, stops by.

Episode 7

 Gaga for Gaga

Tamar performs the National Anthem at a football game, then she and Vince fly to London to see Lady Gaga on tour. When they end up in a huge fight while seeing the sights, they head back to therapy as soon as they return to LA.


While viewing the 2nd episode of Keyshia Cole’s reality show, I noticed that a few of her family members attended her wedding. Some were part of the actual ceremony that took place in Hawaii. The official vow exchange was  in Vegas, months before the big wedding that was filmed for Kesyshia’s new reality show on BET. When the episode that showed footage of their Hawaii wedding aired, I watched twice because I thought that I may have blinked for a moment and missed Neffe . After viewing it a second time, I was convinced that my eyes hadn’t deceived me, there was no Neffe but their younger sister Elite was there and in the wedding. Well before the first episode of Keyshia and Daniel Family First aired rumors had already surfaced that Neffe didn’t attend the wedding due to  previous incidents that left her at odds with her sister.. Neffe actually addressed the issue and clarified why she didn’t attend. Click “Read the rest of this entry” to find out the reason that Neffe says she was a no show. I can’t say I blame her after reading what she had to say.



After the dud that BET referred to as Frankie and Neffe came to an end, the family’s fall out because the show was done without Keyshia’s blessing and the passing of Neff’se Stylist/Best Friend/Assistant  Dariel Pulliam, few of us have heard from or seen Neffe. In the interview below, Neffe explains her plans for her immediate future and some of the events that have taken place since we last heard from her. Click “Read the rest of this entry” to hear Neffe’s interview with Egypt and for more pics