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In a brief  interview with Hip Hollywood Laura discussed meeting with Jackie Christe’s daughter Chantel and if she thinks she and Jackie will ever be friends.



Laura meets with Jackie’s daughter, Chantel, to talk about Jackie being fake and the strained relationship she has with her daughters


When the beef between Jackie Christie and her eldest daughter Takari Lee went viral.  Jackie stated that her daughter’s anger was due to the fact that she’s dark-skinned.

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Basketball Wives LA cast member Jackie Christie is the wife of retired NBA baller, Doug Christie , mother of 3 children and grandmother of 2 grandchildren.  Since last season, you would have thought that the only children that she bore were the 2 from her current husband.  She rarely (if ever) discusses her older daughter or the 2 grands. Her daughter, Takari Lee gave several interviews , created a website and started writing a book titled, “My Mother’s Secret”. (more…)