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Tiny is rumored to be accompanied by Tamar, Trina (Rapper) and Claudia Jordan as Co-hosts.

Tiny recently made another announcement regarding her talk show. It’s set to air on VH1 in the near future. The star of TI and Tiny’s Family’s Hustle has confirmed (more…)

We’ve been introduced to Evelyn Lozada’s daughter on television and online. She’s a cute girl, but looks nothing like Eve’s ex. Evelyn always made it clear that the d__- she sucked to be considered a basketball wife was not her baby’s daddy’s. Eve had Shaneice prior to dating and moving in with Antoine Walker, former NBA player.

Eve and her daughter recently posted pics via Twitter and Instagram of Shaniece and her daddy. He’s a handsome dude; just nameless.
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Jackie Christie’s hair before (left hand side)

I posted this one to make you lose your lunch! LOL Not really! Just another example of Jackie’s hair (BB) before Brooke

Jackie Christie’s after Brooke

Brooke Bailey has been dubbed “Da Hairweave Killa” 

If you are an avid “Basketball Wives LA ” watcher, then you know that SOMETHING went down on this Monday’s Episode (8) the only thing is ; It was so heavily edited that you had to guess what happened. Judging by looks, Brooke got in Jackie’s behind after Jackie tried to jump bad and then “stand down” SMH

Brooke Bailey finally spoke on the issue.  See what she says we DIDNT SEE  because VH1 is tired of catching slack boycotting threats  for the violence between black women on their network’s realty shows  due to editing on the show.


Those darn Basketball Wives. Evelyn posted an images of herself along with the twitter/instagram  message “Hurricane “Sandy” aka Evelyn Lozada- Who’s going to stop me?”

From what I understand it took less than 30 minutes for her to realize how offensive her post was and she removed it. However, she didn’t do it without someone in the virtual world capturing and posting it. SMH


Just as I suspected after AJ Johnson and Chad were spotted lunching together and were assumed to be an item he clarified that he has sought her for life coaching and attempting to get his life on track.

Also after Evelyn has started Tweeting again (I guess Ms. Iyanla told her it was ok) Chad (with over 37 million Twitter followers) has decided to take a Twitter Vacay according to his Tweets