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Part 2 of 3. A reality series follows rapper Nicki Minaj as she prepares to release a new album.

Nicki Minaj: My Truth” will showcase the Young Money/Cash Money artist up close and personal through 21 days of “unfiltered access.” Minaj takes her Barbz behind the scenes as she travels and prepares for sold-out concerts, product launches and more.

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T.I. and Nelly help the kids build their lemonade stand so that they can learn the value of earning a dollar.

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This Ish is so funny it could have been a spoof. However, its actually Lil Wayne’s reality. SMH TIMES 2

Lil Wayne decided to sue Qunicy Jones III for the release of a documentary that he initially gave the green light on and then decided that he didn’t like the way that he was being portrayed in the film and demanded that it not be released.

Q. ignored Wayne’s demands and released the video. So Lil Wayne is suing Q. on the grounds that he didn’t have permission to use the new Orleans’ Rapper’s music, even though the film is based on Wayne’s life.

There’s been talk that Wayne will not be present to testify in court on his own behalf as a result of the seizures he suffered a few weeks ago. If that’s the case, then the attorney’s will be forced to use these deposition tapes, released by TMZ, that makes Wayne look like a big azz dummy in Lean. lol.

I wasn’t going to waste my time posting them but he is acting too damn silly. If this is the footage that they are forced to present before a jury, the only thing he will get is a laugh.